The Kabaddi Fever!

Here’s a story shared by one of our Puneri Paltan fans.
Who follows Kabaddi better than these kids? I have one such incident, to prove this perfectly! While I was traveling, Little Aman sees the Puneri Paltan logo on my T-shirt and excitedly tells his elder brother Adnan, ‘Woh dekho! Puneri Paltan’. He shyly looks away from me, when I look at him.
‘So, you’ll are avid followers of Kabaddi?’ To which they replied, ‘Yes, very much!’. I went on to ask them, which team they supported?.  Adnan said ‘U Mumba’ and the younger one,  Aman said he liked ‘Puneri Paltan,  Manjeet Chillar to be precise’.

Having said that, Aman went on to ask, ‘But why hasn’t Ajay been performing lately?’
I told him it was because he was Ajay Thakur wasn’t keeping well and that he should wait and watch his performance now. 
In my further conversation with these two young lads, I was overjoyed to know that these kids play Kabaddi every night in their colonies with their friends. Aman, with a sense of Pride, said he tears his brother’s shirt while defending on the ground. On Sundays, they participate in Kabaddi tournaments organized at Lal Maidaan.
Kids have a streak of wild energy in them and the Kabaddi fever does a pretty good job channelizing these energies. They admitted they love Cricket and will soon switch to Cricket when the IPL fever takes over . Looks like we have quite a schedule to follow 🙂

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