Khel Badal Diya

Puneri Paltan, beloved to its Maratha fans in the City of Pune, began their Pro Kabbadi ride with the war cry ‘Gheun Tak’ and strived hard to excel in the first two seasons of the League. Well, the ride wasn’t easy; they looked defeat in the eye and brought back 4 wins, marking them 8th on the table in both the seasons.

This didn’t dishearten them but coaxed them to strategize wisely and perfect their game to the hilt. While they worked on changing the game, a gift of 8 new players was added to the Team with the dream of bringing home Victory. Preparations and sweat went on and it was time to take on the battle, get on the field, and roar to protect the Maratha Valor. It was time for Season 3 and the Puneri Paltan began with a promise, a promise to emerge champions, ‘Khel Badlega’.


As the Season began, they took everybody by surprise with their moves, raids, super tackles and immense passion for the game. They played like true Maratha warriors; they won several matches, drew some and lost a few. It is indeed a moment of pride for the Paltan, who was once the Underdog, the unnoticed, who went on to earn the name of a tough contender in the League, this Season.

We saw them Roar, rise and shine and yes, they kept their promise of ‘Khel Badlega’. With their spirits high, energy levels soaring to touch the sky and much applause for their stunning performance, the Paltan ended this journey by clinching in the 3rd position in the Pro Kabaddi League.

The Maratha Warriors, the Puneri stars have certainly proved, impossible is nothing! With Grit and Glory, they are ready to put their next foot forward to win hearts and the Battle.

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