The ‘Puneri’ Swag!

Hello Paltan! We’ve come a long way with your undying support and unconditional love. It is now time to take a break, to do something fun and cool! Ever wondered about the deepest, darkest secrets of your Puneri heroes? Have you sat down and imagined, their life before Kabaddi? …..



Are you scratching your head, beginning to wonder why are we asking these questions?

We have a surprise instore just for you.  Get to know the secrets and the ‘lighter’ side of your beloved Puneri lions.  Know your heroes deeply and feel the connect with the Puneri coolness!. Read on, to find out if your guesses and imaginations about your heroes were true or not.

Let’s begin with none other than the leader, the all-rounder, the captain, Manjeet Chhillar!

1. Manjeet Chhillar: Captain Chhillar has earned the name of ‘Mighty Manjeet’ and an all-rounder. We could also call him ‘Chiller Chhillar’ for he never loses his calm and that’s his charm! Manjeet Chillar hails from Nizampur, Delhi. Nizampur is known to be the creator of excellent Kabaddi players including the former India Captain Rakesh Kumar. The seniors in the village teach the kids to play Kabaddi, and that’s why Manjeet Chillar says it’s important for him to go back to his village, to coach the youngsters, so one day they too can be great Kabaddi players.

Before his successful journey as a Kabaddi player, Manjeet Chillar was………… (guess guess!!) a wrestler! He injured his nose while wrestling, then returned to his village and began playing Kabaddi there.

Well, it would also interest you to know that Manjeet is a fashion freak. He is extremely fashion conscious, spends a considerable amount of time choosing his outfits and also doesn’t move away from the mirror too easily (Surprising, right?) He is a die-hard Salman Khan fan and dreams to meet ‘Bhai’ soon.

An Arjuna awardee winner for Kabaddi, Manjeet has different dreams for his to be kid. He wants his kid to grow up to be a wrestler! (Kabaddi champ with a kid who is the next ‘The Rock’, Just imagine!)

After retirement, Manjeet desires to coach the youngsters in his village and also organize competitions on his own, so that big players come to their village to play the sport.

One more interesting thing about Captain Sahab is, Manjeet always carries his lucky charm for the matches – Locket and a ring and you can’t miss this one! His favorite color is red. (Red= Mighty Manjeet!)

The next hero, we are about to meet is the very dynamic, Jasmer Singh Gulia!

  1. Jasmer Singh Gulia: Jasmer is the brave heart who has worked in the Haryana Police (Oye! Panga na lena!). He has played Kabaddi for Haryana State, Haryana Police as well as for Team India.

The versatile Jasmer, has the ability and the leadership quality to command and motivate a team. (Aye Aye Captain!)

He is strong, he is a leader and is a great friend. Jasmer also loves to pull everyone’s leg in the team, he is the mastikhor and the expert prank player!

Well, he carries himself with style, quite a fashion freak and cannot do without wearing his ray ban glares all the time! (Gore gore mukhde pe, kala kala chashma! 😉 )

Next up, is the young, the heartthrob, Ajay Thakur!

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  1. Ajay Thakur: Ajay Thakur, the most eligible bachelor in Kabaddi, the heartthrob hails from Nalagarh, a small town in Himachal Pradesh. He was selected to play for the Indian team at the age of 19 and today is known for his sky soaring ‘Frog-jump’. His proudest moment is when he got selected to play for India. (Iss pal ko kabhi naa bhuloonga!)

His passion for the game is well explained since he was a child. He ran away from school to participate in a  nearby village Kabaddi tournament, without any kit or shoes. He took his uniform off and played in a vest and shorts, winning the second position in that tournament, and that’s how his magic at Kabaddi began!

Ajay is a huge Hanuman Bhakt, and prays to Lord Hanuman before getting onto the mat. Ajay is also known to have the longest arms in PKL! (Yeh haath mujhe de de, Thakur!)

Well, Ajay is the ladies’ man, for sure and he believes in a lucky charm, which is his gold locket which has an India map on it.


Our next hero is a fighter, a winner, Deepak Niwas Hooda!

  1. Deepak Niwas Hooda: Deepak is the only boy child in his family. He has fought several battles to live his dream of playing Kabaddi for India. His most joyous moment was when he was selected to play for India for SAF Games 2016, Guwahati.

Deepak hasn’t had it easy as a child. He lost his mother at the age of 4, and started playing Kabaddi with the aim of earning some money, during his adolescence. He lost his father at the age of 18, leaving him to be the sole breadwinner for the family. Deepak lives in Chamaira village, with his sisters and their 2 children.

Deepak was a great find of PKL Season 1, being the second highest bid. He is known to be the second best all rounder of PKL.

If not Kabaddi, Deepak would like to study and add accolades to his academics.

He is a winner for all of us and a pride! If you closely observe, Deepak can never, never play a match before he eats a chocolate!

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Rise up! For the next hero is our Newbie, the Unbreakable defender, Surjeet Narwal!

  1. Surjeet Narwal: Soon after his school, Surjeet was chosen to play for the Navy and has been with the navy since then. His moment of stardom came when he was selected to play for India in SAF Games, 2016!

Surjeet is a debutant in the PKL Season 3 and he has already made a mark with his unbreakable defending skills.

Surjeet is quite different off the field. He is extremely shy when it comes to the media or with the girls, but is a very focused player.

A secret about him is that, he is a wisecrack. He is witty and knows to make the joke at the right time. (Mai toh mazaak kar raha tha! Picturey nahi dekhte kya? )

What you read friends, is a total different avatar of the Puneri Lions, an avatar you can’t ignore and you can’t refuse!

Get roaring for Season 4, Folks! We will be back soon, with more intriguing sneak-peaks like these!

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