10 signs to identify a Kabaddi fan

Since the inception of the Pro Kabaddi league, the indigenous sport of Kabaddi has won a place in the hearts of many. Kabaddi is the new cool!


Well, it isn’t too difficult to identify a hardcore kabaddi lover. Here are 10 signs to identify one:

1. Chant ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’: This is the first and most important sign to identify a kabaddi lover. The chant, oh! The ‘cant’ they can’t live without. You will see kabaddi lovers saying ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi’ when they are nervous about something, like that’s their lucky charm and also before they go to bed.

2. Touch the floor: Kabaddi lovers have a peculiar habit, you can’t miss. You will see that they bend down and touch the floor at every entry door, like the players do before the match begins.


3. Catch the Match: You ever want to make chilling plans with a kabaddi lover? Make sure it’s not a match day! Kabaddi lovers don’t miss a single kabaddi match, and if it’s their favorite team playing, they have to buy tickets and watch it live.

4. Jersey Love: A Kabaddi lovers’ wardrobe is full of their favorite team and favorite player jerseys. You will see them in a jersey always. They don’t wear a jersey; they live in it no matter how much you judge them!


5. Le Panga style: Kabaddi lovers have a ‘Le Panga’ style of celebrating an achievement or acceptance of challenge. In either of these situations, you will see a kabaddi lover proudly pat themselves on their inner thigh making a sound. That’s the kabaddi swag!


6. The ankle hold: While other group of friends would spend their time watching a movie or chitchatting, kabaddi lovers imitate ‘the ankle hold’ on their friends. They enjoy it to the core!

7. Kabaddi love on social media: Kabaddi lovers of course follow their favorite team on social media, but they also follow all the other kabaddi teams on social media. They can’t afford to miss a single ounce of Kabaddi!

8. Replay the match over and over again: They may have watched the match without missing even a second of action. But they can never get enough of it. Kabaddi lovers will sit and replay the match over and over again tirelessly, adoring every moment of the game.


9. Acing the signature move: You just can’t miss this trait of a kabaddi lover! You will see them all gather together and practice the signature move of their favorite player. They will practice it till they ace that move, be it the frog jump or the thigh-five and many more.

10. Live tweeting: Like we said before, kabaddi lovers don’t miss a single match; you will see them multi-task brilliantly! They catch every second of the match as well as tweet about every move, every bonus point on spot, mentioning the playing teams. Twitter becomes their battleground at such a time.

 These are traits that only kabaddi lovers have and can relate to. If till now, you thought you should hide these traits, hell no! Go out there, be a proud kabaddi lover and let the World know that.


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