5 roaring moments of the Paltans during season 3

A fantabulous performance and a podium finish, Season 3 couldn’t get better for the Puneri lions! Every moment has been one to be reminisced for a lifetime.

Without further ado let’s relive the 5 unforgettable, roaring moments of the Puneri lions in Season 3:

  1. January 31st, 2016: Puneri Paltan Vs Telugu Titans.

A neck-to-neck battle with the Titans, where every minute was costly, where every move made us skip a heartbeat, but this one moment was surely etched in our minds vividly.

In the second half, when Sukesh Hegde entered to raid and the Puneri defending chain grew rock solid, with the Mighty Manjeet Chhillar on the left corner and the indestructible Surjeet Narwal on the right. The chain, hadn’t left a single end open and everyone’s eyes on Sukesh Hegde, would he fly, do or die or would he perish?  Well, undoubtedly the Puneri defending chain was too strong to even think of breaking.

Sukesh Hegde was attacked by Manjeet, blocked from the other end by Surjeet, the chain perfectly coming together and he perished! Though Sukesh Hegde took us all by surprise with his commendable raid in the nick of time, we surely gave them a run for their money till the last breath.1.jpg

 2. February 13th, 2016: UMumba Vs Puneri Paltan.

Woah! This was surely a breath taking match for us and a matter of pride to keep the Maratha flag flying high, facing the defending champions in the Maharashtra derby.

A moment to cherish was minutes after the second half began, when our raider Nilesh Salunkhe stepped up the battle field. We were leading 17-14 and couldn’t afford to give a single point to UMumba, a nail biting moment and eyes fixed on Nilesh. Nilesh, who is so swift and quick as a wink, acted in seconds. He got the touch, faced a strong block from UMumba’s Jiva Kumar but slipped away under him like butter, crossing the middle line. And what a Super raid that was! Nilesh had left the UMumba team aghast, for he slipped through them even before they realized what had happened. Immediately after which, we lost a point to Rakesh Kumar’s super tackle.

We may have lost this match, but we saw victory in the eyes, from a distance of just two points. We gave it our all and won respect and applaud from the Champions themselves.2

3. February 18th, 2016: Puneri Paltan Vs Patna Pirates

Now this one was a challenge up against the Season 1 winners. Were we ready? Oh yes! Up and charged to capture the Patna Pirates! The moment we are talking about here was the one that was a reason for a hat trick celebration! This was a fast paced match, with not a single dull moment and we couldn’t take our eyes off the mat. Amidst scores leveling and fluctuating up and down, we roared with ferocity when Surjeet Narwal, the Shatterproof defender with the timely support of Jasmer Singh, Deepak Hooda and Nilesh Salunkhe, tackled Gurvinder Singh pinning him down, with not a chance to escape!

While we were rejoicing that tigerish tackle, our happiness knew no bounds, when we saw Surjeet’s deadly block brought down the tough Rohit Kumar, winning the Paltan a point for the tackle and inflicting an All Out!

The match ended in a tie that we were quite pleased with!


4. February 21st, 2016: Puneri Paltan Vs Pink Panthers.

This was a match for us to prove a point, for we were playing against Jaipur Pink Panthers who hadn’t been defeated before. With a spirit to win and change history, we began playing this match.

We put a thundering end to the first half with a defense unit so strong, the Panthers shuddered to enter. A couple of minutes before the first half ended, Kuldeep Singh came into raid, little did he know a surprise was coming his way! Manjeet Chhillar missed him, but guess who got a hold on him! It was Jasmer Singh Gulia who grabbed him and pulled him back to the ground. A mind blowing tackle, that was! And with that began the glorious second half where the Puneri lions hunted the Pink Panthers.

The Paltan earned an incredible victory there with a lead of not one, not two but straight 15 points. We surely rewrote history, our way!


5. March 5th, 2016: Puneri Paltan Vs Bengal Warriors.

This one was life and death. It was the fight for the third place, it was overwhelming to have come this far and now it was time to earn ourselves a valuable place on the table.    We began the match with the Bengal Warriors leading with 4 points and we stood at Nil. The magic for us began when Jan Kun lee was super tackled by Mighty Manjeet Chhillar and the next to raid was Deepak Nivas Hooda, the most valuable one for the Paltan this season.

An excellent all-rounder, learning and shining profusely. He entered to raid with the cant of Kabaddi, so quick and swift as he is. Deepak attacked Bajirao Hodage for a touch, got it with a perfect extension of the hand and the balance even better, leaping to the middle line effortlessly, getting the team an astounding raid point to be proud of! Shortly after which the whistle marking the completion of the first half blew.

We led by four points finishing 31-27 on the score board, clinching the third spot in Pro Kabaddi’s Season 3. Khel badal diya!


Woah! What a mind boggling, nail biting season it has been! One could never be tired of reliving these priceless, heart thumping moments of the Puneri lions. The Paltan glory twinkles brighter in our eyes now!

A stupendous Season 3 commemorated and a lot more is yet to come…. Season 4 is coming! Are we ready? Hell yeah!!

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