12 things you will identify with if you stay in Pune

P-Pure Maratha Tradition; U– Unstoppable Spirit; N-Noteworthy Nightlife; E– Education Hub. That is Pune in a nutshell. Pune, also known as ‘Queen of the Deccan’ has surely preserved the Maratha tradition and culture, as well as progressed to great heights with respect to education and industry, making it the City that has it all.

Pune dwells with the highest number of software companies and is soon becoming the Youth City of India, let’s find out how the youth of Pune unwinds themselves.

 Brace yourselves to know the 12 things Pune is popular for:

  1. Nom, Nom at Kayani Bakery: Kayani Bakery started in 1955, is a place that cannot be missed by anyone who visits or stays in Pune. All visitors who come to Pune have to take back gifts from here; one of the bakery’s specialties, the Shrewsbury biscuits. These biscuits are very buttery and sweet and are the ones that are fought over. There have been near stampedes to get hold of a precious box of the Shrewsbury. Come on, get gorging on this buttery delight!


Image courtesy: Zomato.com

  1. Doolaly on tap: Here you get your beer fresh and on tap, a joy that is unmatched by canned, commercially produced beer. If you are a beer lover, Doolaly can be your best hangout place. This definitely would be the biggest perk of staying in Pune, isn’t it?

P2.jpg                                              Image courtesy: Zomato.com

  1. Heritage walks: Arguably the best way to explore a city is taking a heritage walk. It will lead you through the city’s old by-lanes, recounting stories of a bygone era. Choose your area of interest for the three hour-long walk-ancient, medieval or colonial.
    Take a walk through the eighth century Pataleshwar caves (ancient) or Kasba Peth’s crumbling waadas and temples that represent the medieval period. This way, you’ll know Pune so deep, you could sleep walk here!

p4 thespiritualindian

Image courtesy: TheSpiritualIndian.in

  1. Katta Kirr Missal Pav: Watch out for the large crowd outside this 20-seater missal joint. Wait patiently to be seated before you stomach the fiery spices that mark this Maharashtrian dish. The Katta Kirr Missal Pav is the best Missal joint in the City. People from every corner of Pune flock here for their lip smacking Missal! An absolute treat to Punekars, and this cannot be missed by your palate.

p5 mycitymyfood.jpg

Image courtesy: Zomato

  1. Explore Shaniwar wada: The Shaniwar Wada palace fort of the Maharashtra dynasty lies in the heart of Pune City. It covers 6 and a quarter acres of central Pune. Shaniwar Wada is a real specimen of the Maratha culture, though destroyed by a fire in 1827 yet perfectly treasured by the Punekars. The 21 feet tall massive door of the palace known as ‘Delhi Darwaza’ is one of the remarkable remains of this grand old palace. You can’t miss this beauty, while you set foot in Pune.

P3 Go city.jpg

Image courtesy: GoCityGuides.com

  1. Pick up the Pune Lingo: If you stay in Pune, you are surely going to pick up the Pune lingo that shall make you sound like a true Punekar. Here are some words Punekars say and you will hear these in abundance: Awraa, Vadheevpana, Napas, Chhapri, Bhurtya, dokyat nako jaau, full hawa, edya layee bhaari, aichya gavaat, full radaaa, areee mitra, chiwda.


Image courtesy: nearfox.com

  1. Coolness= NH7 weekender Music fest: Pune proudly hosts one of the most awaited music fests in India, NH7 weekender. It is one of the coolest things in Pune and the crowd enjoys it wholeheartedly! People from all around flock to witness it, by no chance should you miss it. Plan your visit to Pune at the right time to enjoy the coolness and if you are staying there, you sure are among the privileged ones!

p7 Bacardi NH7 Weekender Facebook.jpg

Image courtesy: NH7 weekender Facebook

  1. Pune’s Never dying sporting spirit: From Cricket to Kabaddi, Football to Tennis, Pune has a team in all major sports. The sporting spirit of Puneites is always soaring high and this is seen in the young budding lot of Pune too. Pune has proudly given some big names like billiard champion Pankaj Advani and former Captain of Indian hockey team, Dhanraj Pillay. Don’t miss a chance to experience the everlasting sporting spirit of Pune and their undying deep love for Kabaddi with Puneri Paltan shining bright in the Pro Kabaddi League.IMG_2434.jpg
  1. Party at Koregaon Park – Nightlife: Koregaon Park is what Cyber hub is to Gurgaon. Recommended by the youth in Pune for it’s exciting clubs, restaurants and bars. Kue bar and Hard Rock cafe are highly recommended. Also, Pune is known to have a notable nightlife, that one shouldn’t miss at all and Koregaon Park is the place to be over the weekends. Well, Punekars truly believe in ‘work hard and party harder’, so don’t forget to party with them!

grabhouse 2.jpg

Image courtesy: Grabhouse.com

  1. Education hub: Apart from its scenic beauty and a host of other attractions, Pune is an education hub. It is home to the top notch universities like Symbiosis University, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Fergusson College, FTII, Bharti VidyaPeeth University, MIT, FLAME University, ILS Law college, Wadia College and AFMC. The blessing of residing in Pune is that students can freely choose the stream they want to and pursue it in prestigious universities. Education is the power of Pune and their proudly known as the country’s largest education hub.


Image courtesy: Grabhouse.com

  1. Pune Cantonment: Pune Cantonment also known as Pune camp is a military cantonment located in Pune. The headquarters of Indian Army’s Southern Command is located in the cantonment. The National War Memorial Southern Command which commemorates the sacrifice of soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces is also situated in the cantonment. The Pune cantonment board has been maintaining the camp admirably and it is a matter of pride to reside around the cantonment. Also, having the headquarters of the Southern Command present definitely makes Pune one of the safest Cities in India.

p11 pcb.jpg

Image courtesy: Pune Cantonment Board

  1. Shree Chattrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune: This Sports complex is one you can’t miss in Pune. This complex was the venue for the 2008 Commonwealth games and hosts several other leagues like the American Football league and Indian Super League. Most importantly this is the home ground, the matrabhoomi to our beloved Puneri Paltan during the Pro Kabaddi season matches. Exciting, isn’t it? Staying in Pune you can watch all the home leg matches live. Catch the lions in action from 25th June – 28th June, 2016, LIVE! Their roars will draw you to their den! Wondering how? Book your seats @Kyazoonga.com from 1st June, 2016 Onwards.

p12 tripadvisor.in                        Image courtesy: Tripadvisor.in

 These are the 12 things that add to the beauty of Pune and these you definitely cannot miss! If you have been living in Pune and missed any of these, this is your time to relish the prettiness of Pune and be mesmerized by it.

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