6 Reasons Kabaddi Matches should be watched LIVE

Ever since the inception of the Pro Kabaddi league, the latest National passion has been Kabaddi. With the fans praying for their favorite team and speaking the language of super raids, super tackles, trying to guess who will do or die or who will perish, the game of Kabaddi has definitely caught on, spot on!

Every Kabaddi lover must catch the match LIVE without missing even an ounce of action. Here are 6 Reasons to catch the Kabaddi action LIVE:

1) Energy @ the stadium: For the worshippers of Kabaddi, the stadium is the place of worship, the temple. How can one miss going to the stadium to pay respect to their beloved players and team? Adding to that, the energy at the stadium is mesmerizing and the echoes of the cheers, you won’t forget for the week to come. All fans screaming coherently the name of that one player or team, surely a magical experience it is! You are sure to feel a wide myriad of emotions and even be ready to feel the goosebumps, that’s the power of Kabaddi LIVE.


2) Meet new Kabaddi Lovers: While you are supporting the Puneri lions with every beat of your heart and you find another bunch of fans screaming the ‘Gheun Taak’ war cry, oh what Joy!  Immediately you relate to each other’s emotions and meet a whole new group of Kabaddi lovers, your new friends! Soon after that, you find yourselves jumping, thigh-fiving, critically analyzing every move of the opponent, hoping beyond hope and living the Paltan magic to the peak! You can’t have this kind of fun while watching the match at home, right?



3) The View: However good the camera lens view maybe on your T.V. screen, the view from the stadium is unmatched! Watching your favorite heroes prove their mettle on the mat, up close is blissful. It is also an opportunity to shower your love upon them by roaring fiercely with your cheers in the stands, while they roar on the mat.




4) A unique fiesta environment: The perk of watching the match LIVE is living the carnival environment all over the stadium. You will find people blowing their team vuvuzelas, flaunting their team jerseys and collecting team merchandise and you can do all this too! The festive mood, the fiesta is contagious, it’s sure to catch you leaving you exhilarated and enthralled. A LIVE Kabaddi match can hypnotize you into a beautiful world…. Are you game?


5) Exciting Merchandise: When you are at the stadium, all excited to watch every move of the game there’s another secret excitement bubbling inside you. Your eyes hunt for the stall full of Puneri merchandise and when you spot it, you raid your way there! Get ready to go gaga over the super exciting merchandise of the Puneri jersey, badges, bags, bands, caps and a lot more. Get them all and flaunt your Puneri Passion, like never before!


6) Feel the pride: This is the best! When you are at the stadium watching the match, the team flags unfurling around the stadium bring a sense of immense pride and unknowingly bring people together for the love of the sport, for the love of the team! This pride and valor can be witnessed and felt only if you are in the stadium, and there’s no reason you want to miss it!



And guess what! For the home leg matches from 25th – 28th June, 2016 there’s a 10% off on the tickets, especially for the Paltan Lovers. Come on, Grab your seats!!

We’ve given you every reason to catch the Kabaddi action live. Gear up for Season 4, buy your tickets and watch every Puneri Paltan match LIVE to feel the power of the lions! Let’s see if your roars will be louder or the lions ’cant of Kabaddi…. See you there!

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