11 things about Manjeet Chhillar that make him the perfect Captain

‘A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible’ and our Captain Manjeet Chhillar is quite the epitome of this. His might to conquer, his will to fight till the last minute and his humility despite immense talent and fame, sure make him the impeccable Captain! With a childlike smile and a calm mind, Captain Cool shall definitely raid milestones!

Couldn’t agree more, could you? Here are 11 things about Manjeet Chhillar that make him the ‘Perfect’ Captain:

  1. King of Calm: He is the undisputed King of calm, the name says it all ‘Chill’ar! Be it the last game point or the time to ask for a review, Manjeet never loses his cool. He can take all the pressure and lead the way, like a Pro! Our Captain is surely Captain cool, right?
  2. Fit as a fiddle: Manjeet believes in making each day his masterpiece. He begins his day by running 6 kms followed by an hour of a well-planned workout. To revitalize his body, he has badaam milk and juice, summing up his fitness mantra. Now we know how Manjeet Chhillar is fit as a fiddle!
  3. Captain Coach: Nizampur being the cradle of Indian Kabaddi, a town where the roots of Kabaddi are passed on from generation to generation and a reason why the senior players never move out of the town. Captain Manjeet Chhillar has taken the onus to coach the young players in his hometown with an aspiration to see them play at many levels, at great places. He has the urge for continuing the legacy of creating great Kabaddi players from Nizampur. Isn’t that great?
  4. Unstoppable: Mighty Manjeet is truly Unstoppable in every way. He stops at nothing and the word ‘Impossible’ does not exist for him. He is a go-getter in every situation and that is a mark of a true leader, we say!
  5. In vogue always: Fashion, style and Manjeet Chhillar are indispensable to each other. He is charming and makes it a point to keep up with trends in vogue always. Manjeet believes looking good = feel good. Have you noticed his recent accessory? Answer lies in the picture below.

0A7A8370 copy.jpg

6. Leads by example: Being the all-rounder he is; our Captain never takes it easy. He is on his foot always, giving his best shot. Puneri Paltan and Kabaddi are of highest priority to him and he believes in leading by example. He once said in an interview, “An army is nothing without its General. If the General doesn’t inspire and lead his troops, the army will always suffer. So I must lead by example and keep the level of my performances up, so that I can expect the same from my team”. Wow! That deserves a Grand salute!

7. Experience speaks: Our Captain has immense experience and knowledge of the sport and that speaks volumes while he is on the mat and when he is leading the team. He is an all-rounder with the skill to play at any position which is a bonus point to Puneri Paltan. Not only that, he has proved his mettle by earning himself an ‘Arjuna Award’ for Kabaddi in the year 2015. A perfect concoction of experience and skill is what we have in our Captain!

8. Practice makes him perfect: He maybe an all-rounder, perfect at his game but he never stops practicing. Manjeet tries every position on the mat and aces it to the tee. His day is incomplete without practice. Now, that’s the mark of a Champion!

9. Humble and grounded: With such success and name earned, one often loses their humility. But our Captain cool has his head on his shoulders and is extremely grounded. Knowing this, makes our eyes twinkle with pride even more, isn’t it?

10. Decision maker: He is a wise and quick decision maker, whatever be the situation in front of him. His intent is rock solid and never hesitant. A strong individual who can take the Paltan to soaring horizons!

11. The Protective Chhillar: Apart from the Captain cool that he is, he is quite a family man. He may look firm on the outside but is caring and protective on the inside. He is extremely protective about his wife as well as his Paltan. He considers his teammates as his children. The team also sees Manjeet with immense respect and considers him as their mentor. Captain cum Father figure, Wow! Now, that’s a bonus!!

Having read these 11 things about Manjeet Chhillar as a Captain, aren’t you totally awestruck, inspired and motivated? Oh yes, you are and we know it!!

Well, we take a bow, salute thee Manjeet Chhillar and shout out loud, ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’!!





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