13 similarities between Sultan and the Puneri Lions

In a Country that is Cricket crazy, in a Country that wishes to adopt the Western sports, earning a name and fan base for an Indian sport is a matter of pride and glory. Such is the attempt of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi league and the recently released movie Sultan.

Like they say great minds think alike, great heroes have actions alike! There is a stark similarity between Sultan and the Puneri heroes. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at 13 similarities between Sultan and the Puneri lions.


1. They come from the ‘Ring’: Let’s begin with the similarity, that is perfect and noticeable. Both the heroes, Sultan and Manjeet Chhillar come from the ‘ring’. Yes, they belong to the World of wrestling and the ring has been their battleground. The passion they feel for an Indian sport is electrifying and impeccable.

2. ‘Mitti’di Khushboo: Sultan and the Puneri Lions are immensely patriotic about their ring and their mat. The fragrance of the ‘Mitti’ is precious to them and so we say ‘Mitti di Khushboo’ aayi!

3. Hunks of humility: Sultan and the Puneri lions are down to earth and models of humility. They have learnt from their journey so far, to not take success to their head and to not take a failure to the heart. Their humility speaks for them!

4. Strength is their armor: Sultan and the Puneri lions are strong in the ring and on the mat, but that’s not it. They are strong in every moment of their life and that’s why strength is their only armor.

5. Dedicated daredevils: Like all the Superheroes we admire, these sporty daredevils, Sultan and the Puneri heroes, are dedicated to the core. They practice every move till they perfect it and never lose focus. Now, that’s mark of a Champion!

6. Confidence is the key: To perform your best and outwit your opponent, confidence is the key! Sultan and the Puneri heroes do not lose their confidence even for a single minute. Even if they are losing or they are not performing their best, they do not lose confidence! That’s the way aha aha!

7. Pro at skills and learning: A real, true Sportsman never stops learning! Sultan and the Puneri lions are absolute pros at their skill and are open to learning always. That makes them better players, day by day, match by match.

8. Do it for the man in the mirror: The only competition that should ever matter is ‘Yourself’. Sultan and the Puneri heroes focus on that one thing, they compete with none other than themselves. Every time they look into the mirror, they see they are better than what they last saw. Whatever they do, they do it for the man in the mirror!

9. Win gracefully: When you win in life, win gracefully. Sultan and the Puneri heroes make it a point to win like gentlemen, by shaking hands with their opponents and congratulating them for a great performance.

10. Power of Nature: There is no workout better than the one close to nature. Sultan and the Puneri heroes come from humble backgrounds where their workout began at the ground level. One such explosive example is our very own Deepak Hooda, belonging to a family of farmers, all his strength and valor comes from Mother nature. The rigorous physical work has undisputedly molded him into the rough and tough rock star he is today!

11. Fight for Glory: Real Champions fight for themselves, fight for their glory. Our super stars, Sultan and the Puneri heroes fear nothing, however big, powerful, successful or strong their opponent may be, they fight them with grit and glory! The way Sultan fought American wrestler Tyron Woodley and the way Puneri Paltan fought the legacy holders UMumba is commendable!

12. Fighters forever: One major quality about Sultan and our Puneri heroes that inspires us all is that they are fighters forever! They have had their share of tough times, times when they quit for a while, but never stopped fighting. For them, it is not about how hard they hit, but it is about how hard they can get hit and move forward. That’s how winning is done! They know how to fall and rise towards greatness! They surely believe ‘Jab zindagi tumhe patke to tum phir khade hou aur aisa daav maaro ki zindagi chit ho jaye’!

13. Women in sports: Women can do it all and yes they can battle it out on the sports field! Sultan and the Puneri heroes proudly support women in wrestling and in Kabaddi. Sultan falls in love with a female wrestler, can it be more evident that he supports women in sports? The Puneri heroes root for the female Pro Kabaddi league loud and clear!

Inspired, aren’t you? Our Puneri heroes are true heroes, Champions in the true spirit. It is exciting to see how the biopic made on India’s star wrestler Sultan draws so many similarities with our Puneri rock stars!

A grand salute to Sultan and Puneri Paltan! Chalaa Gheun Tak!


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