The Puneri lions pounce and roar into the Semi-finals

‘Koi tumhe tab tak nahi haraa sakta, jab tak tum khud se na haar jaao’.

This dialogue from the recent biopic ‘Sultan’ holds more than true for the spirit and attitude of the Puneri Paltan, this season.


PKL Season 4 began with a great roar and splendor for the Puneri Paltan and of course, the lions are always fiercer in their home game. Though as the league progressed and the pressure mounted, the results weren’t the best. With Captain Manjeet Chhillar injured for 3 matches, Puneri Paltan was in a tough spot. The team put up a great fight and came a long way, but victory seemed to be slipping away each time.

Then came the time for the battle to mark our territory into the semi-finals. After having lost the match against Patna Pirates by just three points, while we put up a tremendous fight, it was time to do or die. The next two matches were war and undisputedly, the Puneri lions put in their blood and sweat to bring back grit and glory. True Marathas, we must say!


The first war was with Dabang Delhi and this one was a neck-to- neck match, both teams plying under equal pressure with a common goal in mind. Puneri Paltan emerged heroes and that meant one step closer to the semi-finals. The aroma of victory was now coming the Puneri way…


The next war was against Bengaluru Bulls and the Puneri lions surely did not permit them to ‘full charge maadi’. They captured them and tamed them, their way. Gave the Bulls jitters, isn’t it?



And that was the remarkable journey of the Orange army making it to the semi-finals. They have proven it true that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get unbreakable’. The Puneri lions pounced and roared into the semi-finals with the Maratha pride beaming in their eyes. They must celebrate saying, ‘Aali re, aata amchi baari aali!’

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