That’s the Puneri swag: A podium finish

‘Once a Champion, always a Champion’

A Champion is one who is consistent and the one who can get up, even when he can’t stand up. Such is the performance of the comeback Kings, the game changers, the Maratha warriors, the Puneri Paltan. Their journey through out the Pro Kabaddi seasons have been awe inspiring!


This season too, has been breathtaking. The Puneri warriors started season 4 pouncing and raiding away glory during their home leg. No journey comes without obstacles and pot holes, Puneri Paltan faced their obstacles too. In the second leg of the league, they gave their heart and soul yet victory seemed to be running away from them. There wasn’t a single point where they gave up.

The last leg of the league was extremely crucial for the Paltan. It was a do-or-die situation after a loss against the Pirates. Coming this far, there was no way they would take a step back. The Puneri lions made a comeback in the game by winning two consecutive games against Dabang Delhi and Bengaluru Bulls. With this they roared into the semi-finals.

It was time to hijack the Pirates and capture them in the semi-finals, that happened on 29th July, 2016. Sadly, the Puneri lions didn’t succeed in hunting the Pirates down. Yes, sad but true. Though this wasn’t the end. The battle for the third place was awaited…


It was at this time that Puneri Paltan showed their qualities of a true champion.The Puneri captain, Mighty Manjeet was injured and hence was not a part of the Playing 7  but the lions took this in their stride, gave it their all and won the match. Hurrah! The Maratha soldiers sure held their fort and assured that the orange flag kept flying high. Yes! The Puneri warriors finished PKL Season 4 clinching the third position. A remarkable podium finish, that’s the Puneri swag! Maratha Champions prevail forever…


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