Deepak Niwas Hooda – The Raiding Machine and his story.

‘From struggle, comes Success.’

There are no short cuts or a cake walk when it comes to success and living your dreams. Struggle is the stepping stone to success and progress, no struggle, no success like they say no pain, no gain.

One such heart touching and inspiring story is the story of our ‘Rolling Raider’ and rock star, Deepak Nivas Hooda. His hard work, passion for the game, consistent performance and calm mind speak mountains about him. But, there’s a lot about him and his journey that we will unveil today, and proudly so!


This young lad has his roots in Chamaria Village in Haryana’s Rohtak district. At the tender age of 4, young Deepak having lost his Mother began assisting his Father in the fields while he was still in school. Then in 2013, his Father passed away from an illness. In an interview, Deepak mentioned “My Father used to tell me to focus on my studies. He advised me when I got up at 3 am to practice Kabaddi before school. Sadly, today when I have made a name in the sport, he isn’t here to celebrate my success”.


Deepak grew from a boy to a man, in his early teens as his situation demanded such maturity from him. His testing time didn’t end with his parents’ demise. His sister’s separation from her husband meant he had to take care of her and her children. Being the sole bread winner of the family, Deepak began to teach in a private school part-time and work in the fields in the afternoon. With all this going on, he still had a burning desire to improve his game, he had the fire in his belly to chase his dream of making it big in Kabaddi. Deepak would spend the morning and evening on the field, perfecting his every move. That was a tough time, but is sure reaping a ‘bonus’ today.


Deepak, is the gentleman who gave up his studies to support his family and for the same reason started playing Kabaddi. He had to leave his 12th grade mid-way, though 2 years after that he took admission in B.A. He once again left his studies to play Kabaddi and went on to join the Air India, from there he set foot into the World of Kabaddi professionally.


He played for the All India University tournament and won a Gold medal there. He also won a Gold medal at the senior level tournament in Patna, 2014. And this, was his gateway to Pro Kabaddi. Deepak’s glorious and most cherished moment was when he was selected to play for the SAF games, 2016 representing India and he has won a Gold medal there too. A man of Gold, we must say!


He dreamed to be an engineer, despite all his struggles and he didn’t give up on that. After joining the Air India, he began pursuing a Bachelor’s in science degree, by correspondence. His skill and consistency on the mat, his game as an all-rounder has won hearts across the City and back home. He once mentioned, when he goes back home, his fellow villagers come to the airport to pick him up. Also, the welcome is very special when he returns after a win!


After years of sleepless nights and hard work, Deepak Nivas Hooda stands a rock star today! What makes him stand out, is his humility and hard work. He never took a success to his head or a loss to his heart. At practice sessions, Deepak is the most focused, sincere and hardworking player. It’s wonderful how he respects the game so much, knowing his achievements very well!


Deepak Nivas Hooda has been spellbound this season. Every raid he went for, he brought back glory. He makes it all look so easy! They say behind every successful player is a woman, a friend, a family, for Deepak Nivas Hooda, behind his success are his struggles. His struggles are a strong reason for his success.


A man who started playing Kabaddi years ago, looking at a few boys in his village, with a dream in his eyes that may be this will pull us out of our difficult situations. What he began to do as a solution for his problems, he fell so much in love with it that he only wanted to evolve higher in the game.


This is greatness and with all our heart we salute Deepak Nivas Hooda, the Raiding Machine with an awe inspiring story!







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