5 real life situations that deserve reactions the Kabaddi style!

‘Raid like a flying machine and tackle like a beast, in every walk of life!’

The Kabaddi fervor is catching on every street, every household and every heart! While the players recite the Kabaddi Cant, in every corner across India hearts are beating faster. Such is the impact of the Pro Kabaddi league and the immensely talented players.

The youth has surely taken to the language of Kabaddi, even in their daily life. What are you waiting for? Here are 5 real life situations that deserve reactions the Kabaddi style:

  1. The thigh five: When you win in life, when you win over a difficult situation or when you earn yourself a new job, it is the perfect moment to celebrate in Kabaddi style with the ever stylish thigh five! Forget giving a treat, forget hugs, meet your buddies and thigh five, that is true rejoicing.

Optimized-Star Pro Kabbadi0201

2. Hand action for review: When in a deep argument and you are deadly sure that you are right, the best way to win the argument is to show the hand action asking for a review. Do it just like the Kabaddi players do and once you win the argument, let it play in your mind ‘Review Successful’.


3. Cant Kabaddi: When you are nervous, when you are tensed and you think your World is about to stop, hold on and take a deep breath. Then begin the lovely cant of Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi, which will release all your stress and refresh your thoughts.


4. Touch the middle line: That moment when you know you have performed beyond your potential and moved out of your comfort zone at work or in to do is point your hand out and act like you have touched the middle line, owned it! And that is the moment you have raided life away.


5. Super tackle: When you are doomed in life and it’s raining difficulties, seems like there’s no way out. Don’t panic, don’t succumb to the pressure, take a minute, think what you want to do and go for the kill. Take all your problems down like a beast, let them perish and do a super tackle! That shall be your unbreakable moment of glory, do it!


Didn’t that make you feel ‘I so want to do all these 5 Kabaddi style reactions’? Oh yes, it did! Then why delay? Begin now and be your Life ka Boss, just like your favorite players are Kabaddi ka Boss!

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