9 Reasons why our beloved Ajay Thakur is super cool!

We all watch a sport for that one player we adore. Similarly, the sport of Kabaddi has heroes who raid the heart of many and reside in there. Today, we will talk about one such star who is the Nation’s pride and is a heart-throb!


Yes, we are talking about the oh so charming, Ajay Thakur! For all the Kabaddi fans and all the Punjabis out there, Ajay Thakur must be the love of your life already. But we are here to tell you 9 reasons why our ‘beloved Thakur’ is Super Cool:

 1. A Dreamer: At a very young age, Ajay knew what he wanted from life and he dreamed to make it big in Kabaddi, since his school days itself. Woah! Now that’s something. I didn’t know that early in life what I wanted to be.


2. Love for the sport: His love for the sport goes back to his days in school, ever since he set foot to play Kabaddi. He believed right then, he is made for Kabaddi and Kabaddi is his life.

3. The cool frog jump: He invented the frog jump when he began playing Kabaddi. That is his signature move and he loves to do it from time to time, when he goes for a raid.


3. Team Rock star: Ajay knows very well when his team needs him and he will leave everything else aside and be there for the team. He has played Kabaddi for his team even when he was down with high fever and typhoid. He is surely a rock star for the team!

0A7A8353 copy.jpg

4. Those long arms: His long arms and how he uses it smartly every time to cross the middle line. He is the one whom opponents look at and wish ‘Yeh haath mujhe de de Thakur….!’ But alas, they never get a hold on those long, wise arms.


5. Achiever at 19: This was his best moment! At the age of 19, he got selected to play for the Indian team at the Indoor Asian tournament. That was his moment of glory, his father and the whole of his village celebrated together!


6. National Pride: Ajay is an irreplaceable asset to the National team, he is a National pride. He has been a rolling raider for the Indian team and has never lost a match. Hail to the Thakur!


7. Punjab da Puttar: When asked in an interview about his favorite food, without a doubt Ajay said ‘Mera favorite hai Punjaabi khana, Makke ki roti aur sarso da saag’. He may have gone places, but from the heart he is a true Punjaabi Mundaa!


8. Love for Bikes: Ajay loves biking and owns two bikes. He chuckles and says ‘Himachal and Shimla are lovely to ride bikes, I love biking!’


Isn’t he the epitome of coolness! We know your heart beats for this Punjaabi Munda, and you can never get enough of him!

Well, these are 9 reasons telling you why his personality is super cool, we are sure you agree with each of them and are now an ounce prouder Ajay Thakur fan!

He is surely an indispensable asset to the Puneri lions!!


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