7 Puneri Paltan traits that will bring out the true Punekar in you

The Puneri lions, the ferocious giants with a will to change the game, never fail to surprise the audience. The Puneri Paltan began their journey with the war cry of #GheunTak and brought in the flavor of #KhelBadlega quite literally when they clinched the third position in Pro Kabaddi’s Season 4!


With a triumphant journey so far, the Puneri magic continues to steal hearts. For the love of Puneri Paltan, let’s see which traits of our players are truly Puneri!

Here we are, with 7 Puneri Paltan traits that will bring out the true Punekar in you:

1. Misal Pav: Manjeet Chhillar – The Captain King has traits exactly like the beloved to Pune ‘Misal Pav’. He has the heat and the spice and at the same time is a pleasure to have in the Puneri Paltan team. Isn’t that like a true Punekar?


2. Maharashtrian Thali: Deepak Hooda – A true Punekar can eat all the dishes in a Maharashtrian Thali without a doubt. A Maharashtrian Thali is a treat for all taste buds, be it sweets, spice, bitter, it has it all. Likewise, is our all-rounder Deepak Hooda, he has all the flavors needed on the mat. He surely brings out the true Punekar in all of us!


3. Somvir Shekhar: Sinhagadh fort – For Punekars, Sinhagadh is the most famous trekking spot known for its rich history and strength. Exactly like Sinhagadh fort is Somvir Shekhar, popular for his rich defense and the strength in his tackles and unescapable holds.


4. Shrewsbury biscuits: Ajay Thakur – Punekars love the Shrewsbury biscuit from Kayani Bakery, it is the heart and soul of Pune. Well, there is one player everyone loves, he is the heart and soul of Puneri Paltan and that is none other than Ajay Thakur!


5.  Pune sporting spirit: Joginder Narwal – Pune prides on its sporting spirit and a team in almost every sports league so far. Similarly, we pride on the sporting spirit of Joginder Narwal, who can play at any position on the mat. He surely brings out the Punekar in you!


6. Shaniwar Wada: Ravinder Pahal – Shaniwar Wada is an irreplaceable gift to Pune and so is Ravinder Pahal to the Puneri Paltan team. A Punekar will know every corner of Shaniwar Wada like their own home and Ravinder Pahal knows every corner of the mat like a boss!


7. Puneri Pride:  Punekars are a proud lot. Punekars love being Puneri, and take pride in their city, because of it’s rich culture and heritage. Pune is also referred as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Representing our Puneri Pride is our Puneri Lion, Nitin Tomar. When you look at the Puneri Paltan team, you can’t the miss the presence of our service man, Nitin Tomar, his height, his physique and his impeccable game.



These traits of our Puneri lions undisputedly yank out the true Punekar in you! The Puneri Paltan rock stars blend beautifully with the Punekar swag, you bet?

Paltan fans, aren’t you proud of your Puneri Kings?? We can see your chest swelling with the Punekar pride!



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