5 Signs that you are in a relationship with Kabaddi

‘Raid your fears, tackle the situation with a heart of a lion.’ This is how youngsters are talking to each other today, in the language of Kabaddi. Kabaddi has won hearts and the nation is constantly thinking and breathing ‘line, drawn, game on, Khel Kabaddi’!!


The game is thrilling and full of action, such that one can’t resist! If Cupid struck you hard when you witnessed Kabaddi for the first time, then my friend you are in a relationship with Kabaddi.

1. The holy Cant: Whenever you are about to do something important or begin a new journey in your life, you make a ferocious entry with the Cant of Kabaddi! This confirms, you are hooked up with Kabaddi and none other!


2. The thigh five: Be it a moment of glory or any other celebration, there is no other way but the sporty thigh five. Every celebration and joyous moment begins and ends with a thigh five for you! This definitely shows you are immensely in love with Kabaddi.


3. Touch the line: That moment when you are in a difficult situation or a messy one, and you make a smart escape. The others may exclaim that by jumping, screaming but how you do it is put your arm out and act like you have crossed the middle line! And that for you is a winning moment!!


4. Your timeline is filled with Kabaddi pictures: You do not miss any chance to post and profess your love for Kabaddi. Your timeline is filled with Kabaddi match pictures, player pictures and more.


5. In a Relationship with: Your love intensified when you played Kabaddi with your friends for the very first time in your childhood and it has increased ever since. You have always been open about your relationship with friends and family.


Be it the Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi National Championship or Kabaddi World Cup, you never miss any format of Kabaddi.

Woah! So much love for Kabaddi, these signs definitely mean Kabaddi is your better half and you cannot live without it!

We are sure and glad that a lot of things may change, but your love for Kabaddi shall never change!



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