Jabra Fan travels 750+ kms to meet her favorite Puneri Paltan player


Everybody has a favorite celebrity probably an actor, musician or a sports person. And every one secretly wishes to meet their favorite one.

This wish did come true for multiple fans with ‘Meet the Paltan’ contest. Meet the Paltan contest was once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to meet their favorite Kabaddi players. 1 lucky fan from each city where the team was traveling for Pro Kabaddi Season 4 got a chance to meet their favorite players.

One such winner is Sandhyarani and what makes her more special is her story. A big Kabaddi fan and an even bigger Deepak Niwas Hooda fan, Sandhyarani’s happiness knew no bounds when she was declared as the winner for Hyderabad city.


It was just a normal day for Sandhyarani when she was busy doing her daily chores and the phone rang. On the other end was our Team Manager. Sandhyarani had won ‘Meet the Paltan – Hyderabad’ contest and was going to fulfil her life time dream of meeting Deepak Niwas Hooda. Her excitement knew no bounds as she called every possible person to give the good news.

The only drawback was she stayed at Tilak nagar which was 350 kms away from the venue at Hyderabad.


But being a huge Deepak Hooda fan, she had no second thoughts of meeting her favorite player. She and her brother got on the train at 6am,  made a 750+ kms journey from Tilak nagar to Hyderabad to meet her favorite player.

Inspite of the long journey Sandhayrani was full of excitement when she reached the venue and waiting to catch a glimpse of the Paltan. A few moments later, a smiling face appeared in front of her. Dressed in casual clothes, Deepak Hooda looked dapper as ever.

Startstuck Sandhyarani was initially quite nervous but later opened up and told Deepak that she is a huge fan of him and how she never misses any of his Kabaddi matches. She even bought her favorite star a special gift and sung few songs as a dedication to him. Being the thorough gentleman, Deepak made Sandhyarani and her brother at ease. Three of them had a lavish lunch where the brother-sister duo raided our star player with their questions. Deepak happily obliged and answered them all sharing his experience as a Kabaddi player. He even filled her slam book.

Hours passed as minutes and it was time to go. However, after traveling such a distance how could we let go of Sandhyarani without making her meet rest of the Paltan. She and her brother then met few of our other Puneri players like Manjeet Chhillar, Joginder Narwal, Ajay Thakur to name a few. As a parting gift, Sandhyarani and her brother was given a Puneri Paltan goodie bag.

After meeting her favorite star raider, Sandhyarani added ‘I feel very fortunate to have met my favorite Kabaddi player, Deepak Niwas Hooda. He was very friendly and we spoke throughout the lunch. I would like to thank Puneri Paltan for this one of a kind experience and I will always cherish this moment. Gheun Tak’

Meeting a celebrity is indeed a dream come true for fans but meeting fans like Sandhyarani who go that extra mile is what keeps our spirits high.

We would like to thank all our fans. It is fans like you that make us what we are today.


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