Home away from home – When Pune matches shifted to Mumbai during PKL4

For Champions the destination never matters, it’s all about the journey!
After a successful Season 3, the excitement was at it’s peak as Pune was to host Pro Kabaddi League 4 for the first time in 4 seasons.
But as no one would have anticipated, due to a last minute rescheduling of another important event at our home venue, the Pune home leg matches had to be shifted to Mumbai. The venue to host PKL 4 was shifted from Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi to NSCI, Worli, Mumbai.
With just 1 week to go for the home leg matches, this news came as a disappointment for all Pune fans who were eagerly waiting to see their favorite Puneri lions roar at their home den. All tickets were already sold out for the Pune venue.
But no news was big enough to dampen the spirits of our Punekars. We were flooded with hundreds of messages by fans saying ‘True Puneri Paltan lovers don’t care about destination. We will be there to cheer for you no matter what the destination.’
Overwhelmed with the love and support we got, Puneri Paltan and Kyazoonga worked together to make match day travel more convenient for our Puneri fans.
Multiple free fan buses were arranged for these loyal fans to bring them to Mumbai to watch the matches and take them back to Pune from 25th to 28th June 2016. Around 250+ Puneri Paltan fans were a part of this.
Truly a blessing in disguise, this turn of events united hundreds of our fans who shared the same Puneri passion for their beloved Paltan.
The Pune-Mumbai-Pune  journey gave these fans plenty of time to meet, mingle and share insights about their one love Kabaddi. Singing, dancing, playing fun games, the usually 3-4 hour journey seemed quite shorter indeed.
Not only the offline journey but the online ticket process was also taken care of for these fans.
The seamless ticket exchange by our ticketing partner Kyazoonga ensured that fans who had already purchased tickets to the Pune games were able to cheer for the team in Mumbai.
Once the fans reached the stadium they were taken aback by the crowd cheering for the Paltan in Mumbai.
Under the roof, we had fans from different parts of the country. Belonging to different cities they all had one thing in common. They all were Puneri at heart.
As they All’s well that ends well. Inspite of the last minute venue change these fans were still able to view their favorite team LIVE in action and the team did not disappoint them either. With 2 wins including the Epic Maha Derby and 1 tied match, Puneri Paltan was a treat to watch.

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