Kabaddi Basics – Learn Kabaddi with the #Paltan

A short guide to the highly popular format and rules of Kabaddi.

Having grown from season to season, Kabaddi has come a long way gaining momentun.

A sport that originated in India, Kabaddi certainly stands out as a successful sport and is being followed all over the world. Here is a quick guide for #Kabaddi.


Mid-line divides the play field into two halves, the line parallel to mid-line at distance of 3.75 m is Baulk Line, while Bonus line is at 1m from Baulk Line.

Hand touch:
When a raider initiates a touch on the opposing player using his hands it is called a Hand Touch.
Toe Touch:
When a raider initiates a touch using his feet or toe it is called a Toe touch.
Bonus point:
With 6 or more defenders on the court if a raider crosses the Bonus line with a trailing foot in the air, the raider gets the Bonus point.
Do or Die Raid:

If a team has two successive Empty raids, then its raider in the next raid has to score a point. Failure to score in this third raid results in the raider being out until revived. Hence it is called as #DoOrDie Raid
Super Raid:
#SuperRaid is a raid wherein the raider takes 3 or more points. Both Bonus and touch points are considered.
Empty Raid:
If a raider returns without scoring any point, no point is scored by either team and this is known as an empty raid.
Ankle hold:
When a defender tackles the raider by catching hold of his ankle it is termed as Ankle hold
Thigh hold:
Whenever a defender tackles a raider by catching hold of the thigh it is called as the Thigh Hold.
When a raider is dashed out of court of play beyond the lobby it is called as a Dash
When a defender tackles the raider by positioning himself between the raider and the mid line and blocks the raider from returning back to mid line it is called as a Block.
Super tackle:
A Super Tackle is when a raider is caught by the the opponent who has just three or less defenders left on the court.

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