Clash of The Marathas

Pro Kabaddi is all set to make a comeback after nearly a year this Friday, 28th July 2017. This season is exceptionally interesting because of two reasons. First, there are more teams this season, ushering in a new format that will be followed. The second and most important reason is that the Season kicks off with a clash against Maratha teams who are powerhouses in their own right.
Puneri Paltan Vs UMumba, will open with a match set against each other. What makes the Maharashtra Derby fascinating is that it has always managed to peak the interest of fans just like any Indo-Pak match would. This year both teams have a stellar list of players. Let’s have a look!
Puneri Paltan –
Choosing to retain raiding machine Deepak Hooda, and making him captain, we have brought in a formidable team to support him.
Defenders – Dharamraj Cheralathan, Girish Ernak, Md. Ziaur Rehman , Takamitsu Kono, Ravi Kumar, Vikash Khatri
Raiders – Rajesh Mondal, Rohit Kumar Choudary, Akshay Jadhav, More GB, Suresh Kumar, Monu
All Rounders – Sandeep Narwal, Umesh Mhatre, Ajay
In comparison, UMumba also has a stellar lineup with Captain Anup Kumar leading the team
UMumba –
Anup Kumar as the captain cool is a strong pillar of the UMumba team
Defenders – Joginder Narwal, Surender Singh, D. Suresh Kumar, Deepak Yadav, N. Renjith
Raiders – Kashiling Adake, Nitin Madane, Shabeer Bappu, Darshan, Shrikant Jadhav, Mohan Raman G
All Rounders – Dong Ju Hong, Hadi Oshtorak, Kuldeep Singh, Yong Joo Ok, Shiv Om, E Subash
As captain Deepak Hooda puts it, He doesn’t want any undue pressure on the team, and hence this is being treated as any other match by the team. That being said, the country will be glued to their TV sets to know the result of this match. Having finished 3rd in two consecutive seasons, Pune is looking at breaking the trend this time and emerging victors. A lot depends on this match as well, since UMumba has tasted victory before ( Pro Kabaddi Cup 2015) and are raring to get a second run at the top spot! Having said that, Puneri Paltan defeated U Mumba last season (41-19) in 1 of the 2 matches. It was our first ever and epic win against UMumba, and we shall aim to rewrite history once again, with our current lineup. It will all be clear this Friday, 28th July as the two superstars fight in their very first game of the season!  
Get live match point by point updates on Twitter @PuneriPaltan and tweet using #LePanga

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