An Open letter to the Paltan fans

Dear Paltan fans,

‘Aap ho, toh hum hai!’

Today, we team Puneri Paltan, would like to take the time and effort to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all! We don’t say it as often as we must, but the truth is we are incomplete and invisible without you all. We mean it with every breath we take when we say ‘Aap ho, toh hum hai’!


Thank you is too small a word, but it is important to say it here and now! We write to you, the Paltan fans, the energy pumpers, the rock stars, the motivators, the silver lining in our cloud, to bow down to you all for standing by us always! You’ll are the ones who keep the team going at all times and the players feel extremely humbled and driven by your passion and love for them. There are rough days and tough days, but just you’ll being there makes it so easy and cherishable.


You’ll have been indispensable for us. We remember every match and every cheer you have roared for us. Every time the players set foot on the mat, they felt the stadium vibrating with your energy and your cheers of ‘Jeetega bhai jeetega, Puneri Paltan Jeetega!’ echoing from your heart. From cheering to painting your soul orange, you have been the perfect fans! True Puneri lovers don’t care about the destination. They will be there to cheer the team no matter what. You proved the same and came all the way to Mumbai to watch our home leg matches inspite of the venue change.

You’ll never left us alone, be it a moment of celebration or a moment of momentary sadness or loss, you’ll were always there! Be it live or online, you’ll were there making us roar the loudest! You’ll have brought us a ton of joy and we couldn’t ask for better!

We love you to the moon and back! We never want to lose you’ll! We’ve come a long way from where we began and that would be nearly impossible, without your vigorous support, immense belief in us and unconditional love.

We promise to be your favorite for seasons to come, for years to come! We thank you, for everything you’ve ever done for us! And this one’s for you’ll:

‘Hum aapke dil-o-jaan me rehte hai,

Lekin sach toh yeh hai,

Aap humaari shaan hai,

Aap humaari aan hai.

Aap hai, toh hum hai,

Varna hum kuch bhi nahi!’


One thought on “An Open letter to the Paltan fans

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  1. I proud of all puneri platan team members.. I proud of I’m pune kar.. We r miss u lot all puneri platan team.. Thanks u to team members & back of office staff in puneri platan. Love u all puneri platan team members..


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